Ocean-Inspired Quick Fresh Face Facial - Youthful Glow  

30 Minuten | 50 €

Rediscover your youthful radiance with our Ocean-Inspired Quick Fresh Face Facial.

This revitalizing treatment, inspired by the soothing power of the ocean, includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, rejuvenating facial massage, and a luxurious finishing mask.

Aloe Vera Leaves Deep Pore Cleanse Facial            

 60 min | 95  € 

Indulge in a radiant skin revival with our Healing Aloe Vera Leaves Deep Pore Cleanse Facial.

This comprehensive treatment harnesses the natural healing power of aloe vera leaves, combining deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a hydrating mask to reveal your skin.



Intuitive Full Body Tranquil Journey Massage

90 min | 140 €

Our therapists employ a diverse range of techniques, including the exotic allure of hot stones and invigorating rosemary and peppermint body polish. Immerse yourself in a soothing massage, elevated by the application of warm almond and citrus oils that work their magic to dissolve away every ounce of tension.

Intuitive Full Body Bliss Massage

60 min | 90 

Indulge in a complete sensory journey with our Full Body Bliss Massage. We utilize an assortment of techniques, incorporating the exotic charm of hot stones and rejuvenating Sea salt scrub. Immerse yourself in a tranquil massage, as the warm, divine-scented oils gently work their wonder to melt away all your cares and tensions.

Intuitive Head, Face, and Shoulder Soothe Massage

30 min | 50 €
We apply a variety of techniques, including the exotic allure of organic facial oils and revitalizing pomegranate extracts. Experience a soothing massage, as warm heavenly-scented oils are applied to effortlessly ease away the accumulated tension in these specific areas.   

Intuitive Neck, Shoulders, and Back Revive Massage

30 min | 50 €

Recharge your vitality with a focused massage for your neck, shoulders, and back. We employ an array of techniques, including the exotic allure of hot stones and invigorating Ocean-inspired body scrubs. Enjoy a soothing massage, where warm apricots and vanilla oils are used to help you rediscover the comfort and relief you seek in these areas.

Intuitive Neck, Shoulders, and Back Revive Massage

60 min | 95 

Rejuvenate with our extended 60-minute session, concentrating on your neck, shoulders, and back featuring exotic methods such as hot stones and salt scrubs. Experience a soothing massage, where warm, exquisitely fragrant citrus oils are expertly incorporated to effortlessly dissolve tension, leaving you feeling revitalized and renewed.

Energy Healing & Soft Touch

head-face-neck-back massage  30 min | 50 

full-body massage  60 min | 95 

full-body massage  90 min | 140 

Experience soothing sound bath rituals, coupled with rejuvenating salt peeling and soft touch massage, creating a harmonious oasis for ultimate serenity.


Special Treatments

Sugaring Treatments

Sugaring is a manual technique that uses a ball of all-natural sugar paste at room temperature to remove hair in the direction of the hair’s growth. Sugaring leaves skin silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Brazilian Sugaring for Women | 65 €

Experience the timeless allure of Brazilian Hair Removal using sugar paste, tailored for your intimate areas. Enjoy the enduring smoothness that outlasts other methods, granting you long-lasting comfort.

Sugaring Back Hair Removal for Men | 85 €

Sugaring Top Lip Hair Removal | 15 €

Sugaring Underarm Freedom | 30 €

Sugaring Arm Hair Removal | 50 €

Sugaring Half Leg Elegance | 80 €

Sugaring Full Leg Beauty  | 150 €

Pre-sugaring preparation: To achieve the best results, please refrain from moisturizing the skin prior to treatment. Also, avoid shaving for two weeks as hair must be at least the length of a grain of rice – the longer the better.


For amazing Hollywood eyebrows, a threading artist twists the cotton and rolls it over the skin using a special method. Threading removes the entire hair from the follicle, leaving smooth skin for up to four weeks.

Perfect Brow Shaping with threading | 45

Transform your brows with the utmost care and elegance, including our luxurious threading treatment.


Brow Tint | 10 €

Lash Tint | 20 €

Vienna House by wyndham Andel’s Berlin


On a daily, monthly or yearly basis, tailored for mental enjoyment.

With the SpaSphere daily ticket, monthly ticket, annual ticket or 10-day pass you can relax in the endless loop every day. Well cared for and beautiful with natural plant products, with a love of detail in the treatments and in the protection of a spa living room, you can enjoy Berlin without traffic, noise and stress.

Daily card 50 € | Monthly membership 200 € | Yearly membership 1500 € |  10-day pass 480 €

Services included: use of the wellness and fitness studios, towels, WiFi, free parking, tea, water, fruit, nuts and dried fruit